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Mom teaching their kids with a world globe

Which Type of Homeschool Curriculum Works Best for Busy Entrepreneurs?

Posted by Jen Myers
March 24, 2020
Which curriculum to use is one of the most crucial things that parents need to figure out once they decide to homeschool their children. It’s not always an easy choice to make especially for busy entrepreneur parents because of the additional demands of managing their own business. The good news is that while there is […]
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How to Make Your Business a Part of Your Homeschool

Posted by Jen Myers
March 17, 2020
One of the best advantages of homeschooling is that it enables you to give your children an education that is tailored according to their needs, goals, and desires. As a homeschool CEO, this also gives you a unique opportunity to use your business to teach them skills that will be useful to them no matter […]
Family smiling with open arms, looking at each other

How to Structure Your Day as a Homeschool CEO

Posted by Jen Myers
March 10, 2020
Let’s be real. Balancing your life as homeschool mom and businesswoman is no walk in the park especially in the beginning. While every day might look different, each one will most likely be filled with many things to do. How then should you structure your day so that you can manage your time well between […]
Organised child's room

5 Tips for Staying Organized as a Homeschool CEO

Posted by Jen Myers
March 3, 2020
Homeschool moms usually have a lot on their plates. It can easily feel even more overwhelming when you add business duties into that. However, there are ways to lessen the overwhelm and successfully manage this way of life. The key is to be organized. Here are 5 organizing tips you can try. 1. Follow a […]
Mother and daughter smiling from car on vacation

4 Benefits of Homeschooling in Entrepreneurial Families

Posted by Jen Myers
February 25, 2020
Managing a business can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. The same can be said about homeschooling. Though both require a lot of time and effort, it is possible to do both successfully. Homeschooling can actually be beneficial to entrepreneurial families in many ways. Here’s how. 1. Flexible Schedules As an entrepreneur, you are not […]
women smiling with glasses on

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Make Great Homeschool Parents

Posted by Jen Myers
February 18, 2020
Most people probably think that entrepreneurship and homeschooling have nothing in common. However, that’s far from the truth. Running a business and homeschooling one’s kids are both challenging yet rewarding endeavors that require similar skills in order to be successful. If you’re an entrepreneur thinking of homeschooling your kids and you’re not sure if you […]

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