Which Type of Homeschool Curriculum Works Best for Busy Entrepreneurs?

Posted by Jen Myers
March 24, 2020
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Which curriculum to use is one of the most crucial things that parents need to figure out once they decide to homeschool their children. It’s not always an easy choice to make especially for busy entrepreneur parents because of the additional demands of managing their own business.

The good news is that while there is no one-size-fits-all curriculum, there are many different resources to choose from. The challenge is in finding the best fit for your family. How then do you find “the one”? Here’s how.

Assess your children's situation.

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Homeschooling is all about giving our children the best education, which means that our choice of curriculum needs to be one that will serve them well. Consider your child's age, stage of development, personality, learning style, grade level, and interests among others, then find a curriculum that will match those.

Using curriculum that does not address their needs is just going to be a waste of your time and money. For instance, a child who is a kinesthetic learner will probably not thrive using a workbook-type curriculum and you will both just end up frustrated.

Choose a teaching method.

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Knowing what your child needs narrows down your curriculum choices. Now figure out your preferred teaching method. There are so many styles available including Classical, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Traditional, Unit Studies, Eclectic, and so on.

Research these methods, match them with your children's needs, then find a curriculum that addresses both. Note that some styles require more time and parent-involvement so consider those as well. You might want to consider a unit study approach that allows you to combine several different subjects using just one topic.

Consider prep times.

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As a busy entrepreneur, you likely have less time available to prepare for lessons before a homeschool day begins. You would greatly benefit from a curriculum that is more open-and-go. 

For instance, avoid digital versions of curriculum that you still need to print and bind. Choose those that already have prepared lesson plans that you can just follow. For older children, you can also opt for a more flexible curriculum that can be done independently such as an online program. 

Consider testing, grading, and documentation.

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Testing, grading, and documentation will vary depending on your state or country requirements, so don't forget to confirm those first before investing in a curriculum. 

These administrative homeschooling tasks can be time-consuming especially if you're not organized. Choosing a curriculum that already has built-in tests will save you a lot of time. Certain online programs can also record grades and save them for you for documentation purposes.

Assess your family situation.

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Every family is different which means that you can’t expect a curriculum to work for you just because it works for someone else. For instance, you might have financial challenges to consider and can’t afford a pricey curriculum at the moment. You might have a one-parent household or a special needs child. Maybe your business is currently at a delicate stage. No matter what your family situation is, make sure your curriculum addresses your unique concerns. 

As a busy entrepreneur and parent, you will find that a lot can change in your personal and business situation in a year or even in a month’s time. The key then is to find a curriculum that is flexible enough so that you can tweak it according to your needs even as they continue to change. 

Which type of homeschool curriculum works best for entrepreneurs

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