5 Reasons Why Homeschool CEOs Should Homeschool in the Summer

Posted by Jen Myers
June 18, 2020
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If your homeschool family follows the regular school calendar, you are most likely on summer break right now. You may not be spending the summer doing what you initially planned to do due to the Coronavirus, but you’re still taking a break from school work before starting another year.

But did you know that there are families that homeschool year-round? 

Yes, there are and there are many benefits for doing so. Let me share with you 5 reasons why Homeschool CEOs should homeschool in the summer. 

You can customize your holidays or days off during the year.

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When you follow the typical school calendar, you are usually taking the same holidays as regular school students. That means going on summer break when the beach is crowded and suffering from long lines and peak season rates. Plus, what if summer is also a peak season for your business? 

When you homeschool year-round though, you have the freedom to take your breaks any time you want without sacrificing the time you also need for your business.  

You can schedule family trips to museums, theme parks, zoos and other vacation spots during off season when you can get the best deals and take advantage of shorter lines. 

It allows you to make room for the unexpected.

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No matter how diligent you are in planning your homeschool year, something totally unexpected is bound to happen to your family or business, such as a move, an accident, pregnancy, or product launch. That’s just life. 

This can definitely affect your homeschooling schedule especially if it will require you to miss several days or weeks of lessons. However, if you homeschool year-round, you don’t need to worry about it as much because it’s easier to adjust your workload and schedule. 

You can homeschool at your own pace throughout the year.

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Following the regular school calendar can put pressure on homeschoolers to finish all the lessons within nine months. While this is fine for some, there are others who learn concepts slower and might need extra time to learn a topic.

Homeschooling through the summer eliminates this pressure on you and your kids because it gives you the extra time that you might need. This is especially beneficial for Homeschool CEOs like you who might experience busy seasons in your business during the year.

It gives you time to focus on weak areas or explore interests.

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Even if you are able to finish your lessons within the nine-month time frame, that doesn’t mean learning has to stop. 

The summer season is a good time to really focus on strengthening your kids’ weak areas without having to worry about other lessons that need to get done. Aside from this, you can also allow your kids to dig deeper into topics that they like but only got to skim during the earlier part of the school year. Now is the time you can let them go down that rabbit hole as much as they want.

You can take advantage of summer learning activities.

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There are usually a plethora of learning activities offered everywhere during the summer. There’s camp, sports clinics, dance classes, and so much more. 

Even now, while the Coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and many of us are stuck at home, there are still all sorts of  fun online classes available for kids. Take advantage of them so that your kids don’t get bored at home. Better yet, take this time to immerse your kids in your business so they can acquire more entrepreneurial skills.

Worried that homeschooling throughout the entire year will cause burnout? Remember that year-round homeschooling allows for even more freedom and flexibility in your homeschool and your business. Use this to create a more enjoyable learning experience for your entire family.

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