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Homeschool doesn’t have to mean Alone-School.

Connect with Homeschool CEOs who get the juggle of motherhood, entrepreneurship and homeschooling.

Find Connection, Community, and Motivation.

Business + homeschooling is more than just challenging… it can be lonely, even alienating.

Your entrepreneur friends don’t understand why you don’t just send the kids to school so you can have dedicated quiet time to grow your business. (That would be easier, right?)

And no one in your homeschool circle understands your business drive or why you want to be more than “just a homeschool mom.”

Cue the blank stares, sideways glances, and the puzzled “You do what? Why???”

That is why connecting with other women who get both sides of your world is SO. VERY. IMPORTANT!

Connect with other ambitious women growing businesses and homeschooling their kids today.
Connecting with other Homeschool CEOs is easy!

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An international community supporting women entrepreneurs who homeschool.

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Membership for ambitious women with big dreams for business and their kids.

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A Mastermind Designed Exclusively for Women Like You: Entrepreneurs Who Homeschool.

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