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You are not alone when it comes to wanting more for your business and your family. Hear from other women who get both sides of your life…
Homeschool CEO Society has been a beacon of hope for me.
Over the past year, I have been in a few memberships and not seeing any progress. As my annual memberships are up for renewal, I realized that I was getting everything I needed from the Homeschool CEO Society (community, accountability, masterminding, and more). I am canceling all other memberships. 
Homeschool CEO Society has become my one-stop-shop for all my business needs.
- Wendy Zanders

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Homeschool CEO testimonial Mary Tindall
Homeschool CEO testimonial Wendy Zanders
Jen is the real deal. She understands that owning a business is rewarding and hard because she's been there, done that.
Same thing with homeschooling. She's learned how to master the juggle of business/homeschool/life and she has the heart of an encourager and teacher. She will challenge you to be your best self. She doesn't pretend to know it all but she does know that you can figure out anything you need to know.
I've seen Jen mentor people from a place of discouragement to a mindset of innovation and growth.
- Jenn Warren
I love Homeschool CEO the most for the support, community and depth of knowledge!!
There is always someone who is available to offer a listening ear, a celebratory comment, guidance or advice! Everyone is so friendly and when one of us succeeds, we all celebrate together!

Jen is one of the most compassionate, encouraging people I know and we couldn't ask for a better leader! The trainings we have available to us are also always on point!
If you own a business and homeschool your children... THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!!!
- Sara Rausch, D.C.

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