The UnBoxed Summit: Homeschooling entrepreneurs coming together to Homeschool Whilte Building a Business on their own terms

Posted by Jen Myers
October 14, 2021
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As Homeschool CEOS, we don’t have traditional ways of doing life! We celebrate that fact because freedom and flexibility are way too important to us. There are days when it is hard, but thriving in both homeschooling and entrepreneurship is possible. In order to thrive, you have to implement the right kind of out-of-the-box thinking and embrace a nontraditional lifestyle. The Unboxed Summit is diving into what an unboxed lifestyle looks like and real-life methods for implementing outside-the-box thinking and methods so that you thrive as a Homeschool CEO!

With 27 speakers, you will hear advice and stories and real-life applications from women of all walks of life who are all on the same mission of homeschooling their children while growing and sustaining a business. 

See all that we have planned for you below:

The Unboxed Summit: Speakers, Topics, + Highlights 

Beyond Traditional Thinking

Serena Ryan: Mindset Reset: Homeschool with Complete Confidence

“You’ve got to learn to trust yourself. You know your children best and there’s no one who is more equipped to homeschool them than you."

Lindsey Casselman: The Kids Will Be Alright: Conquering Mom Guilt as an Entrepreneur

"When I'm working, I feel bad that I'm not spending more time with the kids. And when I'm spending time with the kids, I'm worried about the things I'm not doing at work or the things I'm missing at work. And it's because you care so much about both and about doing them well."

"What we need is to say, “You don't need to be more. You are enough! What you are doing is enough!” 

Susan Seay: Live Talk About What It's Really Like Behind the Scenes of Our Lives

Beyond bubble Baths

Peggy Ployhar: Overcoming Doubt: Your Greatest Homeschool Enemy 

“We can't do things out of anxiety, we have to follow wherever peace leads us.” 

Jen Mackinnon: Remedy for Remorse: How to Avoid Decisions You'll Later Regret

“Remember that when we say yes to one thing we're saying no to something else because we have a limited amount of time and energy.”

“Personally, I find that mom guilt hits me the most when I start comparing myself to other people. When we do that, we set ourselves up for failure because we can't be like everyone else, we have to be ourselves.” 

Teresa Wiedrick: Self-Care Strategies For a Busy Business and Homeschool Life

Candice Dugger: Mental Health Matters: Supporting Kids in a Mental Health Crisis

Evon Dennis: When Mom's Mental Health is Suffering: Therapy and Self-Care

When we, as parents, prioritize our self-care, we become an example to our children. We have the opportunity to assist our children in learning to appreciate and look forward to time with themselves in some capacity every day. My kids and I kept gratitude journals, one in that house and one in the car. So when we would be out and about on our field trips going here, going there, we’d talk about what we're grateful for and just make that a regular part of our days. It was a way that we were able to check in with ourselves and make it a ritual.

Tandy Hogate:  Self Care Success in the Midst of Crisis and All the Crazy

beyond routines

Ally Adair-Chung:  Creating a Stress-Free Family Rhythm for Work and Homeschooling

“This gives everyone a lot more grace for how many balls we have in the air.”

"We have to look at what is, accept what is, and then start using that as our foundation for where we want to be."

Kathy Stowell: Work/Homeschool Life Balance with a Three Month Blissful Biz Plan

"I simply guide them through remembering what to invite into their day by being really clear on the time they’ve created."

Ashley Buffa: The Easy Way to Get Kids to do Chores Without Complaining

"The number one way to make sure your kids will be successful adults is to make them sweep the kitchen floor."

"The whole chore journey has helped build a good work ethic. It also helps them read directions and follow them because they’ve learned to do things the right way the first time."

Wendy Zanders: Conquering the Clutter of Business, Homeschool, and Life

"Clean up just one small area, then do the next and the next and the next and before you know it, the entire room is decluttered, the entire office is decluttered, and the entire house is decluttered. Just take one step at a time."

Kerstin Kirchsteiger: Family Meetings That Get The Entire Family to Work as a Team

Beyond the 3 rs

NJ Rongner: Mom's Not the Teacher: Benefits of Outsourced Homeschooling

"I love that it gives us freedom and flexibility that a traditional family doesn't have. "

"The biggest thing this taught me about myself is that I don't want to be the person that everyone expects me to be. I want to be authentically and truly me."

Jonathon & Renee Harris: The No Nag Method to Motivate Teens to Take Initiative in Life

"Our goal was productive, fulfilled children who are maximizing their potential."

"A lot of times when they're young, they have no opportunity to really take it to the next level, apart from just reading about it. So we use our business as an opportunity for that child to express that interest in a more mature way."

Cindy LaJoy, Renee Tiemann, + Brenaea Fairchild: Entrepreneurship, Trades, and Alternatives for Teens

Brenaea Fairchild: Optimally Organized: Easy Way to Organize Homeschool Resources

Lea Ann Garfias: Homeschooling Made Easy so You Have Time for Your Business

"Throw the books away and remember you're not confined into this academic model. Instead, it's just parenting. It's just parenting on steroids. That's all it is. "

"We have to remember it really is about freedom. Teach the way you teach or the way your child learns best, not the way the curriculum tells you to or the expert tells you to or my book tells you to."

Sarah Miller-Snyder: Homeschooling When You Have Zero Time to Teach Anything

"It’s also super important to give your kids personal accountability, and plenty of it. It takes some time and it takes some failures on their part but they will figure it out."

beyond the hustle

Meagan Beltekoglu:  Automations that Make Running Your Business Faster and Easier

Stephanie Dove Blake: Build a 7 Figure Business Without Neglecting Your Family

Amy Lockrin: Forget Business Hustle: Grow Your Business with Strategy

"Getting started is probably the hardest part because every working mom has zero left to give. They are already maxed out. "

"A system is literally anything that can be replicated in your business that works for your business. There is no single template that will solve your problems but a system is something that works for you and your business in a way that will move you forward. If it works against your natural ability to create or to produce movement for your team underneath you, it's not a system that works for your business."

Alexis Perry: Automations that Make Running Your Business Faster and Easier

Tiffany Hoeft: Ditch the Hustle with Simple Systems: Find More Time in Your Day

"The more you can get out of the things that you just are not good at and stay in your zone of excellence, the more productive you’ll be in your business."

"FAILURES AREN’T ACTUALLY FAILURES. They are just learning experiences. You’ll learn from the mistakes so that they won’t happen again. Again, they're not failures, they're just chances to learn and pivot. We either win or we learn. That's, that's the entrepreneurial spirit."

Sarah Wall: Strategies for Success from a Single Mom

"It's really about owning your choices and owning what you do. When you make a decision, whether it's what to wear that day, whether or not to put your kid into a dance program or a music class because they go at the same time, or whether it's to hire someone or work with someone else, you have to recognize that you made a choice and you own the responsibility for that choice. When you can do that. It really helps align everything together. "

"WHILE YOU’RE FIGURING IT OUT : Push pause on making any big decisions. Don’t make anything big changes. Stick to what is normal for you as much as possible. Your kids need all the stability you can give them when there's a huge transition in their lives. So stay close to normal, don't make any big decisions, and take your time."

Unboxed business and homeschool your way

The UnBoxed Summit is where homeschooling entrepreneurs connect, create, and collaborate blending both Business + Homeschool ... their way. Your way! The speakers listed above are full of knowledge and expertise that they want to share to help you thrive in both business and homeschool.

If you are reading through the above list and you missed the summit or you are thinking how much you need a community who understands you, and what life is like as a Homeschool CEO, then join us! This community is unlike any other. We understand the struggles and challenges you face every day and we also celebrate the everyday accomplishments. We know that life as a Homeschool CEO is different. We do life our own way! Come and be a part of our out-of-the-box community!

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