Episode 54 – Chronic Illness, Homeschooling, and Entrepreneurship: Finding Success with Rhythm, Routines, and Harmony with Ally Adair-Chung

April 13, 2021

Is it possible to homeschool and build a successful business if your life includes chronic illness?

Ally Adair-Chung says “absolutely” and she’s on the podcast today to tell us how she has made it happen.

Ally is a second generation homeschooler, homeschooling coach, curriculum development junkie, and mother to three wonderful wildlings. Ally also deals with chronic illness. It started in childhood and it has affected every part of her life, from motherhood to business to homeschooling.

Rather than let chronic illness prevent her from chasing her dreams of entrepreneurship and homeschooling, Ally set out to figure out HOW to make it all work. She discovered that the key to finding success was putting simple rhythms in place in her home, homeschooling, and business. Now she is on a mission to help everyone find peace and harmony in their homeschooling rhythm.

Whether you or someone you know is dealing with chronic illness (either a parent’s chronic illness or a child’s), this episode is sure to encourage and inspire.

What you'll learn

  • why Ally and her siblings started homeschooling way back when she was in high school
  • the health issues she’s had since childhood that eventually led to a diagnosis of a chronic degenerative genetic disease
  • how her business first came about
  • how her chronic illness affects their homeschooling and business
  • how her desire to be the perfect mom led her to exhaustion and pain and inspired her to simplify their life
  • how she uses rhythms in homeschooling and business to make everything work for her family despite her chronic illness
  • her advice for moms with chronic illnesses who are not sure if they can handle homeschooling and running a business at the same time

Ally’s story is so encouraging. She shows us that chronic illnesses don’t have to be a hindrance to anything we want to accomplish in life.


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There’s definitely not one way to homeschool.
~ Ally
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I know that if I don’t prioritize what my body needs and what his body needs then nothing else is gonna get accomplished anyway.
~ Jen
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They follow what we do, not just what we say.
~ Jen
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Modelling is far more important than any speech we can give them.
~ Ally
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It’s just all about being simple.
~ Ally
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Simplify to start and honor what your body needs ‘coz you have so much more fun with those amazing kids when you do.
~ Ally
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In reality, if we can stay connected with our kids and honor who we are and who they are, there’s really not much else you can do to help them be successful in life.
~ Ally

Meet your host - Jen

With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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