Episode 53 – Playing to Win: Going All In with Business with Tonisha Stalnaker

April 6, 2021

Are you 100% in when it comes to building your business? How do you know if you’re all in or maybe still holding something back?

Tonisha Stalnaker admits that she wasn’t all in with her business when she started it in 2020. While she was doing her job well as a VA, she never really put that much effort into goal setting, marketing, pricing, niching, or creating strategies to grow her business. She’s changing all that this year though.

Tonisha is the CEO behind Stalnaker Virtual Solutions, proud wife to a police officer, mom to a 25-year-old, and a “bonus” mom to her 10-year-old stepdaughter, who she started homeschooling last year.

Tonisha is on the podcast today to tell us the story of why she started her business, what it was like running it while homeschooling for the first time during the pandemic, the pivotal moment that inspired her to finally decide to go all in with her business this year, and how she plans on doing that.

If you need some inspiration to go all in with your business, today’s episode will inspire you to uplevel your business and life.

What you'll learn

  • the story behind what prompted Tonisha to start her own business and homeschool at the same time
  • what it was like starting her own business while homeschooling in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic happened
  • the pivotal moment this year that inspired her to finally decide to go all in with her business
  • the strategies and action steps she decided to take in order to turn her business around
  • the #1 lesson she has learned from the mind shift she has experienced this year
  • her advice for Homeschool CEOs who haven’t been all in in their business

Tonisha’s story is so relatable especially for new entrepreneurs. It just shows that although the first year of business can be challenging, it can be such a great learning experience too.


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The good news is I didn’t lose money. But clearly I didn’t make any either.
~ Tonisha
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I’m smarter than this. I am not a dumb person. And yes, last year was that crazy but I’ve gone through worse and come through better.
~ Tonisha
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If you’re not making money, you’re not really in business. It’s like a hobby.
~ Tonisha
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While I might be horrible at pricing, horrible at niching, and horrible at making profits right this second, what I’m good at is making relationships and keeping those relationships.
~ Tonisha
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I started writing down the things I needed to do differently. So, I was like, I already figured out what not to do. That was 2020. So, I was gonna make connections, talk to people, and figure out where I can find my clients. And I was gonna put a 100% in every single day of my business.
~ Tonisha
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I’m doing an IG Live and if anyone knows me, Live and I are not friends.
~ Tonisha
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What got you here, won’t get you there.
~ Jen

Meet your host - Jen

With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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