Episode 35 – Monthly Periods as a Productivity Tool: How to Sync Business and Homeschool with Your Cycle with Megan Faller

November 24, 2020

What if instead of being a burden, your monthly cycle is actually the key to unleashing a whole new level of productivity? How much do you really know about your hormones, how your cycles work, and how they affect your daily life?

Megan Faller, a Fertility Care Practitioner and homeschool mom of 3 boys, is with us on the podcast today to help us better understand our fertility cycles and ourselves. She shares with us what inspired her to unite her passions for fertility and business after experiencing the positive impact of aligning her schedule with her cycle.

Megan explains how our cycles work and why it’s important for women to understand their own patterns and evaluate their health. Most importantly, she teaches us how to master our cycles and make them work for us as moms, homeschoolers, and entrepreneurs.

If you want to understand how your menstrual cycle can make you smarter and more successful in entrepreneurship, homeschooling and life in general, grab your ear buds and listen to this episode.

What you'll learn

  • what got Megan interested in understanding women’s menstrual cycles and how that affects business and life
  • what happened when she started recording her cycles and how it made a positive impact in her own life
  • the 4 phases of a woman’s cycle and how they affect their everyday lives
  • how to align your business tasks to the various phases of your cycle
  • her tips on how to align your cycle with your homeschool routine
  • her recommendations on how women can start tracking their cycle
  • what happens to women when their hormones are off and what they should do about it
  • the things that women can improve on in terms of their health and how they can schedule work, homeschool, and other tasks with that in mind
  • what inspired her to do the work she does helping women and couples through the process of understanding their fertility cycles
  • Megan’s advice for struggling moms

I think that what Megan is doing to educate women about fertility is so important. This topic is so important for women to understand because I believe that we should be okay with how our bodies were created, fluctuations and all. Women’s bodies are beautiful and we owe it to ourselves to learn how to make our uniqueness work for us.


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If you think you have it all figured out just wait a couple of days, you’ll learn something new. We change. It’s ebb and it’s flow and sometimes it’s more work, sometimes it’s more homeschool and sometimes more CEO and sometimes more mom hat.
~ Jen
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There’s so much power in understanding our cycle and our bodies. Why aren’t we sharing it in the way we should?
~ Megan
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Who we are as women isn’t in conflict with our dreams. It’s not in conflict with growing your business, with homeschooling your kids, whatever it is that you wanna do. You can do it. We just need some tweaks.
~ Megan
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Health is a foundation and especially as a homeschooling mother and CEO, you really have to take great care of yourself and part of that is addressing these imbalances, and that it’s actually worthwhile – you are worth it – to take the time and to find practitioners you trust to help you get things where they should be.
~ Megan
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We can actually work with our cycles and not against them.
~ Jen
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We’re beautiful and we were created exactly how we’re supposed to be and we’re supposed to have these fluctuations within our hormone cycle and that’s okay.
~ Jen
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I’m a big believer that personal experience is the best teacher.
~ Jen

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With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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