Episode 34 – Productivity Hacks: How to Get More Done in Less Time Homeschool CEO Style with Tracy Morgan

November 17, 2020

Last week’s episode was so good that we decided to make a part 2! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to last week’s episode yet, check it out here. It’s the precursor to today’s episode.

Last week, Tracy Morgan, a mom of two boys, a Productivity Consultant and Behavior Change Coach, talked to us about values-based productivity and learning how to reframe our thoughts about productivity and time management.

This week, she’s back with part 2 to teach us practical ways to get more done in less time Homeschool CEO style.

This episode was recorded alongside the Homeschool CEO Society members during one of our weekly training calls. Tracy’s golden nuggets of wisdom on productivity are so good that I decided to share all of them with you too. She talks to us about working with our energy levels, the different productivity styles, how to identify them for ourselves and our kids, plus practical tips on how to merge them for homeschool and business success.

If you want practical tips on how to successfully manage it all as a mom and business owner and have time for what matters most, this episode is full of tips that will be sure to help you out.

What you'll learn

  • practical tips on what we can do to be more present as moms and business owners
  • what values-based productivity means and how to implement it as a mom and entrepreneur
  • how to work within our energy levels for us and our kids
  • how figuring out our kids’ natural rhythms can help with homeschooling success
  • how to balance positive and negative energies for yourself and your kids
  • what the 4 different productivity styles are
  • how to identify our own productivity style as well as our kids’
  • how you can use your and your kids’ productivity styles to be more productive in homeschooling and business
  • what to do if your productivity style doesn’t match with your spouse’s, kids’, or employees’
  • What Tracy’s Design a Better Day coaching program is all about and how you can sign up for it

Tracy’s tips on productivity are so good! Prior to talking to her, I didn’t even think about how my productivity style could be different from my kids’ and that it’s possible to find a way to compromise and make that work. She shows us that there are ways to get more done in less time. We just need to take the time to understand what we value most and reframe our thinking on productivity and managing our time.


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You can solve a problem in different ways and you wanna make sure that you’re really getting that root issue that you’re resolving.
~ Tracy
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Productivity is not a one size fits all.
~ Tracy
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Tweak, refine, and improve over time.
~ Tracy
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Once you start to understand some of those preferences, you know the dials and levers that you can pull in and tweak to help work towards their strengths.
~ Tracy
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A harmony is not just one person singing. It’s the whole band coming together and playing their parts.
~ Tracy
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How we’re structuring our day, how productive we are, and the feelings we have as we go through our day – that affects our kids. It affects our business. It affects the next generation because how our kids see us in business, in life, in homeschooling, will have a ripple effect.
~ Jen
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It’s not just about the “doing”. It’s about the “being” too, right? And those need to be integrated. We’re a whole.
~ Tracy

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With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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