Episode 12 – Thriving as an Unexpected Single Homeschool Mom with Donielle Showvay

June 22, 2020

How do you cope when you suddenly find yourself as a single homeschool mom to 6 kids? Is it even possible to bounce back, earn an income as a businesswoman, and still homeschool your kids? Yes, it is.

In this second installment of our Single Moms Series, I talk to Donielle Showvay, the Homeschool CEO behind Knitting Knicely, who experienced suddenly becoming a single homeschool mom to her six kids when her husband was arrested and sent to jail. She talks about how she turned a hobby into a business to provide for her kids while still continuing to homeschool all of them. She also shares tips on how she gets it all done as a single mom.

What you'll learn

  • how Donielle and her kids coped after her husband’s arrest
  • how she turned her hobby into a successful business after becoming a single mom unexpectedly
  • why her family does not join co-ops and what they do instead
  • how she teaches her kids collaboration skills to learn how to work with a group
  • what she does to overcome the challenge of dividing her time between work, homeschooling, and family time
  • her tips on training kids to do their schoolwork independently while mom is working
  • her recommendations for first-time homeschoolers who are also single moms running a business
  • how being part of the Homeschool CEO community has made an impact on her life

I am so proud of how far Donielle has come. She is living proof that moms can not only bounce back but more importantly, thrive after trauma. She also shows us that it is 100% possible for single moms to run a business and homeschool multiple kids. Donielle says it’s all about giving yourself grace.


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The biggest takeaway for me was to be myself, to do something that is my passion.
~ Donielle
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Even though now I would say I’m probably way more busy, I’m doing lots more things but the relationship with my kids has improved 1,000%.
~ Donielle
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Homeschooling is not schooling at home.
~ Donielle
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Give yourself grace.
~ Donielle
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We push ahead so much in life that sometimes we just need to sit in it and process it so that we can come out stronger on the other end.
~ Jen

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With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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