Episode 11 – Leaving Abuse and Homeschooling Six Kids as a Single Homeschool CEO with Sarah Wall

June 16, 2020

Are you a single mom entrepreneur thinking about homeschooling your kids or vice versa? Not sure if you can do it? Yes, you can!

This is the first episode in our new Single Mom Series where I interview single moms who successfully homeschool and manage their own business. Today, I chat with Sarah Wall, a website developer and virtual assistant from Ontario, Canada, who is also a courageous single mom to 6 kids, from infancy to teenager, including two with special needs. Sarah talks about her amazing journey from being a married woman to single mom and how she was able to build a business and homeschool despite life’s many challenges.

What you'll learn

  • Why homeschooling is easier and more cost-efficient compared to sending kids to school
  • How Sarah plans her day so that she can homeschool and still manage her business as a single mom
  • How she was able to move on after going through divorce
  • How she supports other moms looking into starting a business
  • How being a single mom allows her to thrive in parenting and in business
  • Sarah’s tips on how to homeschool kids with various special needs (ADHD, Autism)

I loved talking to Sarah! Her amazing story of courage and triumph over adversity will be a blessing to other single moms who are looking to take a leap into a life of homeschooling while running a business. She is proof of what is possible when you make a decision to thrive and not just survive.


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As a mom with lots of kids, I don’t have the time available to me that some entrepreneurs do. So, my business grows a little bit slower than what other people would have and I’m okay with that because I’m not looking to have a six-figure income. I’m looking to pay the bills.
~ Sarah
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It’s a journey and it’s your journey and you are not in a competition, not in your business, not with your homeschooling. Everybody looks different.
~ Jen
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Relationships take time and when you don’t have to designate all of that time, you really do have more time to spend on your business, more time to spend on your homeschooling.
~ Jen
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It’s crazy, chaotic but it’s still fun.
~ Sarah
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Potty training is harder than teaching your kid to read.
~ Sarah

Meet your host - Jen

With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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