Episode 56 – Achieve Work-Life Success Using Emotional Intelligence and Leadership with Kerstin Kirchsteiger

April 27, 2021

As a mom, do you consider yourself a leader in your home? What does this have to do with work-life success? And what does emotional intelligence have to do about it?

Our podcast guest, Kerstin Kirchsteiger, answers all of those questions and more in today’s episode. She is a homeschool mom and a scientist turned Life & Leadership Coach, who helps moms build a life they’re excited for every day through Emotional Intelligence, Respectful Parenting, and Leadership Training.

Kerstin shares with us how motherhood, homeschooling, and an emotional intelligence training led her to find her passion. She also gives us her insights on the importance of emotional intelligence for moms and how they can use it to step into a leadership role in their homes and their business.

Currently struggling to step up as a leader in your life? This episode will be helpful to you.

What you'll learn

  • how her family’s homeschooling journey started and how it allowed Kerstin to follow her passions
  • how an emotional intelligence training inspired Kerstin to start her business
  • her perspective on time management
  • the key to building relationships with our kids
  • what leadership in the home means for moms
  • what moms can do to get buy-in from their kids to do what needs to get done
  • her advice for moms who are currently struggling juggling all the things

This episode will make you stop and reflect on how you’re stepping up as a leader in your home and in your business and how that affects your success. If what you’re doing is just not working, there’s no need to worry. Kerstin shows us that there are tools and strategies we can use to make things happen.


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The more I dove into it the more I realized that every job I did, every role I had, my power was emotional intelligence.
~ Kerstin
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If you have good relationships then it’s really easy to create those common goals, to create buy-in for whatever you need them to do.
~ Kerstin
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Asking for help is not weak. It’s actually a really strong skill if you know how to ask for help.
~ Kerstin
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A lot of moms don’t think of themselves as a leader, but when they are in the home, they set the tone. They set the energy that’s in the home and they transmit values.
~ Kerstin
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It’s not about what you say. It’s about how you show up and what you do.
~ Kerstin
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It’s amazing what a breath can do.
~ Kerstin
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Emotional intelligence has a lot to do with recognizing both your internal emotions but also other people’s and recognizing that when they say something it comes certainly from a different point of you but also, they might also be triggered. They might feel fear.
~ Kerstin

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