Episode 50 – How to Overcome Childhood Trauma, Bullying, and Mental Health Issues with Homeschooling with Candice Dugger

March 16, 2021

Childhood isn’t always easy. Sometimes it includes crisis, trauma, even bullying and mental health challenges.

Thankfully, homeschooling can be adapted to help kids overcome even the most challenging crises.

Today, I am talking with Candice Dugger about how we can utilize homeschooling to help kids heal from trauma and reach their fullest potential. Candice is a homeschool mom, founder of Bullied, Broken, Redeemed, and a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert, author, speaker, and trainer.

Listen in as Candice shares her family’s inspirational journey from heartbreaking bullying to a suicidal situation, and then to eventual healing.

She also teaches us how we, as parents, can look for signs of crisis in our kids, what we can do about it, and how we can equip and empower our kids as leaders who will step up and stop bullying.

Disclaimer: This episode covers sensitive topics that some may find triggering. Please exercise caution if you have little ears listening in.

What you'll learn

  • the story behind why Candice pulled her son out of school at seventh grade to homeschool him
  • the steps Candice took to help her son walk through his journey of healing
  • the 3 S’s (safety & security, structure, and support) that you need to implement first for kids in crisis
  • the activities she encouraged her son to engage in in order to build his confidence
  • how and when parents can equip their kids as leaders to defend and help bullied kids
  • the signs that parents can look for in their kids to see if they’re in crisis
  • her advice for moms dealing with a child who is so broken
  • how her experience with homeschooling and handling her son’s bullying trauma inspired Candice to create Bullied Broken Redeemed and the Reimagine Education Conference

This is such an important topic that I felt needed to be discussed because it’s our duty as parents to learn how to deal with these situations. Being aware and knowing what to do just might help you save the kids in your life.


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When I got outside of what I thought homeschooling was, once I really understood that, it really leaped us forward.
~ Candice
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Homeschooling was a tool to help us, but it did not fix it.
~ Candice
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Homeschooling doesn’t isolate you from the world.
~ Candice
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Focus on what your kid loves.
~ Candice
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Teach to your children’s strengths, not to their weaknesses.
~ Jen
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My philosophy is mental health before math, character before curriculum.
~ Candice
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Hurt people hurt people but healed people help others heal.
~ Candice

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