Episode 46 – New Homeschooler, Successful Entrepreneur: First Months as a Homeschool CEO with Angie Trueblood

February 16, 2021

Are you a mom entrepreneur who’s thinking about homeschooling your kids? Are you wondering if it’s even possible to homeschool while running a successful business? If you’ve wondered how on earth you could homeschool without your business suffering, today’s podcast episode is for you.

….or if you’re struggling with finding a successful homeschooling and entrepreneurship rhythm, listen in for some amazing real life tips.

In today’s episode, I chat with Angie Trueblood about her experiences as a first year homeschooler. She is a podcast visibility expert, host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, and newbie homeschool mom to two kids.

She shares with us what homeschooling looked like for her family for the past six months, what worked, and what didn’t. She also gets candid as she talks about having to pivot and change how she was handling her business and homeschool as well as the lessons she has learned along the way.

If you want a transparent, behind the scenes look of someone in their first year of homeschooling while running a business AND making it work, Angie’s story is a must listen.

What you'll learn

  • what the beginning of Angie’s homeschool life looked like
  • the struggles she went through in managing her growing business while learning how to homeschool
  • the pivotal moment that led her to change how she was homeschooling and running her business
  • how she has evolved into a more CEO-mindset in both her business and homeschooling
  • what their life looks like now compared to six months ago
  • what her kids think about homeschooling
  • the top three lessons she has learned in the first six months of homeschooling
  • what her advice is to mom entrepreneurs who are considering homeschooling their kids

There’s a lot to learn from Angie’s experiences as a first time homeschooler. Her story is the perfect example of how pivots lead to clarity. It shows us that it’s 100% okay to change directions in order to make things work for both homeschool and business.


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I feel like I have such a better sense of who they are as kiddos and as individuals than I ever would have otherwise.
~ Angie
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[On managing her business and homeschooling] I recognized I cannot start growing and really onboarding and managing them as I’m also learning to homeschool. It’s something I can do later, but right now that’s not ideal.
~ Jen
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We understand that clarity is usually comprised of a whole lot of pivots and that pivots doesn’t mean failure. Pivot means you’re making a conscious decision that that solution no longer serves your family for whatever reason.
~ Jen
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Go with the experts. We don’t have to forge the path every single time.
~ Angie
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I have learned that my relationship with my kiddos is far more important than what they learn.
~ Angie
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We all deserve to be in many, many places, and as women we need to be in many, many places to have our voices heard. And typically, people will invite you but for the most part, you need to step up and ask.
~ Angie

Meet your host - Jen

With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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