Episode 43 – Keeping Kids Healthy and Fit with Larissa Maloney

January 26, 2021

We all want our kids to be healthy and fit, and today’s podcast guest makes that easier than ever with her new revolutionary, online, interactive PE program. The best part: You don’t even have to leave your house to give your kids a great PE class experience.

Today, I’m chatting with Larissa Maloney about all things kids health and fitness. As a former professional beach volleyball player, an actress, a kid fitness equality advocate, a mental health and human rights advocate, as well as a mom and business owner, Larissa makes PE class fun and easy.

If you want to discover an easy way to encourage your kids to get up and move their bodies – and have a whole lot of laughs at the same time – grab your earbuds and listen in!

What you'll learn

  • how Larissa’s background as an athlete and her college degree led her to life an as mom entrepreneur
  • what inspired her to go into coaching and eventually start her business
  • how Covid-19 inspired her to do free workouts on YouTube when her coaching job teaching kids in a private school transitioned online
  • how she is able to build a community amongst the kids and their families even when classes are done online
  • what Active Kids 2.0 is all about and what they provide for kids
  • what her daily routine is like as a mom, coach, actress, and business owner
  • one of the best things she has implemented in her business
  • what Larissa wants to be remembered for

I love what Larissa and her business are doing for kids and their families in light of the pandemic. It just goes to show that we can still stay fit and healthy while at home and that Covid-19 doesn’t have to stop us from getting up and keep moving.


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As an athlete, that competitive spirit really follows you through whatever you do.
~ Larissa
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When I had my first little one, I didn’t wanna work full time. I wanted to make my child number one and that was very, very important to me.
~ Jen
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That’s one of the things I hear from my moms all the time like, ‘what do we do about PE?’ They don’t know what to teach. They don’t know how to teach it and so they’re always looking for alternatives.
~ Jen
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It’s really important for these kids to be able to get up and move and do things.
~ Jen
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I always believe that if I do it later in the day, I’m not as motivated. But if I do my workout in the morning, I do it before my body knows what’s going on.
~ Larissa
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We always say a mantra before we go to bed, and they know it by heart. They’ve been saying it since they could talk… I always say, I always start off and I say “I am strong,” and then they finish it. So they say, “I am strong. I am brave. I am smart, and I listen to my heart.
~ Larissa

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