Episode 32 – Homeschooling Teenagers With Inspiring Project-Based Learning with Evgeniya Andrianova

November 3, 2020

Are you homeschooling a pre-teen or teen and wondering how to inspire them to love learning? Our guest today believes it possible to reignite teens’ natural curiosity and their fire for learning if we are open to trying a new educational approach.

Evgeniya Andrianova, mom of 2 and creator of Teen Ideas Matter, is on a mission to help teens start meaningful projects that impact the world around them. She talks about the benefits that project-based learning can provide for both kids and their parents, how to use this education approach in homeschooling and in life.

She also shares why it’s important to do project-based learning with a holistic approach, considering not just the goals and project plans but also the power of sleep, good nutrition, yoga and meditation, emotional intelligence, resilience, and growth mindset.

If you want to learn how a holistic approach to project-based learning can help your teen love learning, stay confident, and strive for greatness, you’re going to be inspired by this episode.

What you'll learn

how Evgeniya’s project management background and passion for projects inspired her to create her business
what project-based learning is and the different elements it involves
how you can implement project-based learning in homeschooling
the skills that project-based learning teaches kids and how they can be applied to everyday life
what wholistic project-based learning is and how she’s applying it to the teen community
how parents can also benefit from their teenagers doing project-based learning
her advice on what parents can do to reignite their teenagers’ love for learning
what her new book for teens, called “Make It Great, Stay Calm and Get Your Idea Done”, is all about
her new Curious Mindset digital course for parents and how you can get a discount for it as part of the Homeschool CEO family
This episode truly resonates with me because we also do project-based learning at home and have seen firsthand what it can do for kids. I also see such power and potential in teenagers and believe that we, as parents, must do what we can to empower them and make them see that what they are doing matters.


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I worked at projects and I love projects. I think even in my private life I transport every activity to the project, and that’s what I call is more like a project mindset, and that is also what I see is important to give it to our kids.
~ Evgeniya
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We live in a project world, I would say.
~ Evgeniya
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We really need to have a clear understanding of our kids and why they’re doing that, what is the end goal of where we’re going, and then give them all the space for their creativity and for their natural curiosity to find out how to get there.
~ Evgeniya
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There are a lot of discussions on social media and technology and all those things, but I think the question is more on how we use those technologies.
~ Evgeniya
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Sharing our results, presenting our results – the results may not even be, you know, as fabulous as you want it or something like that. But based on your experience, based on your findings, based on your learnings that you’re sharing, someone might learn something or get inspired or get another idea and build on your findings or whatever.
~ Evgeniya

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