Episode 30 – Liberation from Social Conditioning Unleashes Our Power as Moms and Homeschoolers with Cara Mendez

October 20, 2020

It’s about that time of the year when new homeschool moms start questioning their decision to homeschool. Families currently forced to do virtual schooling because of the pandemic may be starting to feel the struggle too.

If that’s you, pause and hear this: Homeschooling does not need to feel hard or heavy. There is an easier way.

This wisdom came from Cara Mendez, who’s a wife and a mom to 5 gorgeous kiddos and 2 rescue dogs, a multiple business owner, and an Intuitive Success Coach for leaders, visionaries, and change-makers who desire to have it all – on their terms.

Listen to this episode as Cara shares how liberating and healing ourselves from societal norms and expectations help us find a sense of power as women and mothers, and how this can be applied to homeschooling as well.

If you’re on the brink of giving up homeschooling because you think it’s too hard, this episode will teach you that there’s more than one way to homeschool and that you can find one that works for you.

What you'll learn

  • How Cara started her own liberation by choosing home birth for her second child
  • What homeschooling while working was like for her family during the first 5 years
  • How being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue prompted their family to switch to unschooling
  • How coming back to herself liberated her, after putting her passions in the back burner since becoming a mom
  • Cara’s thoughts on virtual schooling
  • How she came to the realization that we’re not programmed as humans for forced education and what that means for her family
  • What unschooling and interest-led learning looks like for her family
  • How unschooling helped her kids become self-directed learners
  • Her thoughts on how the societal norms and expectations that have been indoctrinated within us take our power away
  • Cara’s biggest advice for struggling new homeschoolers

Talking to Cara really made me think about society’s beliefs about parents always knowing what’s best for their kids. She shows us that giving our kids the power to  direct their education truly helps us raise fully liberated and alive children.


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If homeschooling is hard, you’re doing it wrong.
~ Cara
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A lot of people were like ‘You should just put your kids in school’, and every time I would check in with myself intuitively, it was always a ‘no’.
~ Cara
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[On virtual schooling] These families need to experience the discomfort of this for the sake of the system as a whole, for the dismantling of the system. Because we can actually see what’s actually going on and how unproductive and how detrimental it is to everyone’s well-being. Then we can start facilitating some changes.
~ Cara
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[On the traditional school system] It’s a broken system. Let’s all agree it’s a broken system.
~ Jen
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To be forced to do anything is the death of me. It literally feels like prison. It feels like death.
~ Cara

Meet your host - Jen

With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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