Episode 19 – Laugh More, Yell Less: Understanding the Enneagram Makes Us Better Parents and CEOs with Melissa Corkum

July 31, 2020

Have you ever wished that kids come with a manual? Don’t you wish it’s easier to understand why your kids and other people act the way they do? According to Melissa Corkum, it’s possible through understanding the Enneagram.

Melissa is not only a mom of 6 kids by birth and adoption but also an Empowered to Connect Parent Trainer, Certified Life Coach, Enneagram Coach, and essential oil specialist. She helps parents become better at parenting by helping them find brain-based solutions to challenging behaviors. Melissa explained what the Enneagram is all about and how we can use it in both parenting and business so that we can laugh more and yell less.

If you’re looking for ways to become a better version of yourself as a parent and a Homeschool CEO, you need to tune in to this episode.

What you'll learn

  • what makes the Enneagram different from all the other personality tests
  • why Melissa thinks that the Enneagram is a narrative tradition and a journey of self-discovery more than just a personality test
  • the 9 Enneagram types, their core fears, and superpowers
  • what wings mean in the Enneagram
  • how to apply our knowledge of the Enneagram types in our businesses
  • how to apply our knowledge of the Enneagram types as a parent and Homeschool CEO
  • when you can start identifying these personalities in your kids and why it’s important not to start labeling them based on these
  • her suggestions on how to explore learning more about the Enneagram

Melissa really helps us realize that we all see and react to the world in different ways. Being aware of that helps us understand why we do the things we do and why other people are different from us, and that awareness itself helps us become better human beings.


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When you understand those driving forces, it really helps us zero in on what drives us as well as what drives our children.
~ Jen
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Knowing the people that we’re working with, and also knowing how we will lead, what are our strengths as the dominant number that we are and what are our weaknesses because of that, is really important.
~ Melissa
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Every single number can be a fantastic leader and every single number can be a really crummy leader if we’re not being careful.
~ Melissa
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We never want to use the Enneagram as a sword or a shield as Beth McCord would say.
~ Melissa

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With 16 years of entrepreneurship and homeschooling experience, I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs successfully homeschool their kids WHILE running a profitable business.

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