It's possible to grow a profitable business and homeschool your kids... at the same time.
Homeschool CEO is an international community supporting women entrepreneurs who homeschool.

You are living life outside the box as a business owner who homeschools her kids.

The business world calls you crazy, and the homeschooling world can’t begin to understand.

But you do it in spite of the challenges because you desire to

  • create a lifestyle of flexibility and freedom
  • build a profitable business
  • raise a generation of smart, compassionate leaders
"I feel so alone as a business owner who homeschools. Where are my people?"
You want to run a successful business and homeschool, but this journey can be lonely and isolating. You don’t have to do it alone.

Find your people at the Homeschool CEO Community and connect with thousands of women around the world who understand the juggle of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and homeschooling.

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How else can we support you in both business and homeschool?

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You’re an achiever, driven to make an impact in your business but also prioritizing the thing that matters most: your kids. For support, trainings, connection calls, and community so you can make both happen well, check out the Homeschool CEO Society, the paid membership community for homeschooling entrepreneurs looking for a network of other CEOs building profitable businesses and prioritizing their kids.
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You have embraced the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship and now you want to extend same limitless potential to your child through homeschooling. The Homeschool Freedom Formula makes homeschooling as Easy As ABC – without sacrificing your business or your sanity.
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Hey there friend! I'm Jen.

I’ve been blending entrepreneurship and homeschool since 2003.

After building two businesses to the 7-figures + two into multi 6-figures. I have learned a thing or two about building a business alongside homeschooling four kids, including the realization that we don’t fit into the regular “business” box, and we certainly can’t fit into the traditional “homeschool” box. We may try, but there’s no way that we can find TRUE success by following women who only understand half our life. 

For women like us, it’s business + homeschool, not one or the other. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but we simply don’t let those struggles define us. 

We rise up to meet them head-on with unique solutions and smart strategy, plus a whole lot of understanding and grace. 

There is no one-size-fits-all to business or homeschooling. 

And that’s how we like it. 

Let’s meet right in the messy middle of business and homeschool so you can be empowered to create an Unboxed life you love. 

Here’s to your success in both business and life!

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You don’t have to choose between growing a profitable business and homeschooling your kids.

Surround yourself with an international community of women who are doing both so we can help empower and equip you to do it too.

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